2014 54th Annual Tournament of Champions

Played at Eau Claire Golf & Country Club

Saturday - Sunday, August 23-24

Neil Johnson ( River Falls) put on quite a show this weekend for the 2014 Tournament of Champions at the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club. Neil set at course record on Saturday as he fired at 64 and followed that up with a 70 (-1) on Sunday to shoot 134 and win the CVGA event by 8 strokes over Jon Hanner who finished alone in second place with a 142. JB Johnson and Shane Barnes tied for third place in the 36 hole event with 144. JT Johnson shot 146 to round out the top five places.
The 2014 Player of the Year honors go to Julian Ramirez (finished the season with 108 pts.) followed by the 2014 Player of the Year Runner up Troy Shea.
Congratulations to Neil for his outstanding play this weekend and to Julian Ramirez and Troy Shea for there terrific play throughout the year. Special thanks to Bill Rowland who presented the Tournament of Champion first place award to Neil, the Player of the Year award to Julian and Player of the Year Runner Up award to Troy.
Many thanks to Jim, Derek and Mike at the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club for all the work they did behind the scenes and for hosting this year tournament.
Craig Walter

Tournament Chairman






Johnson, Neil * 134
Hanner, John * 142
Barnes, Shane 144
Johnson, JB 144
Johnson, JT 146
Ramirez, Julian * 147
Stabenow, Eric 147
Zimmerman, Dan * 147
Longbella, Tom 148
Barret, Sean * 150
Arndt, Josh 152
Carlson, Lief 153
Smith, George 153
Sperling, Mark 153
Berger, Kelly 154
Brennen, Chad 154
Anderson, Todd 155
Shea, Troy 155
Churness, Loren 156
Eggebrecht, Adam 156
Isaacson, Ryan 156
Piotrowski, Keith 156
Soika, David 156
Barstad, Mark 157
Jamieson, Greg 157
Anderson, Chris 158
Moores, Terry 158
Heit, Brent 159
McCormick, Tim 159
Holdsworth, John 160
Semingson, Scott 160
Anderson, Eric 161
Ferron, Jeff 161
Schoppe, Kevin 161
Wyer, Tim 161
Murphy, Meghan 162
Skinner, Darren 163
Graen, Richard 164
Hediger, Ryan 164
Sippel, Mark 164
Hallmark, Kole 165
Scanlon, Kyle 167
Johnson, Brad 168
McCook, David 168
Nichols, Ben 168
Toftner, Eric 169
Walker, David 169
Toftner, Chris 174
Banaszewski, Jeremy 175
McHale, Tom 178
Scherbinow, Archie 188