Chippewa Valley
Golf Association

Hall of Fame

CVGA Hall of Fame Qualifications


The purpose of the CVGA Hall of Fame is to recognize “great” achievement and/or contributions made within the Chippewa Valley Golfers Association.


40 Cumulative Points Required


                                                      Points Awarded

1)  CVGA Wins                                  5

2)  CVGA Player of the Year          5

3)  T of C Champ                              10

4)  Division Chairmanship              2 per year

5)  CVGA Board of Dir. Service     1 per year


Total Must Equal 40 Points or More


The CVGA Board of Directors reserves the right to vote on “when” to induct its Hall of Fame Members.  Induction will be based upon level of accomplishment and/or age of the inductee.

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