Chippewa Valley
Golf Association

2015 Hall of Fame Inductee

Don Johnson


Don Johnson was born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Friday, October 6, 1922.  His uncle and aunt, Henry and Bertha Moe built the then 9 hole Hallie Golf Course  in 1924.  Don essentially grew up on the course from a very early age.


Since the inception of the Chippewa Valley Golf Association in 1958, Don had won twelve events, however, prior to 1958 Don won 22 times in the Eau Claire area at various tournaments.  He won the first Hallie Open in 1941.  In total, he won 7 more  Hallie Opens Ė more than anyone in itís history.    Don was considered the premier player in 40ís, 50ís and 60ís and is credited with winning a total of 34 times.


His accomplishments didnít end in the Chippewa Valley.  Don competed in the Saint Paul Open against the likes of Sam Snead, Johnny Revolta, Horton Smith, and Jimmy Demaret to name a few.   He played exhibitions at the Eau Claire Country Club with Gene Littler and George Bayer and Marilyn Smith. 


Don was a caring husband and father who along with his wife Wilma raised their daughter, Kathy.   He was an avid Wisconsin sports fan and bowler.


Don passed away on Friday, January 4, 2013 at the age of 90.

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