Chippewa Valley
Golf Association

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee


Frank Kyes

kyesFrank was born on Feb. 14th, 1939 in Cadott, WI. Frank first started playing golf in  college in La Crosse where he received his teaching degree. In 1964, with the help of Gordy Hettzel, Frank started running the golf course in Bloomer and occasionally asked Bill Rolland to give lessons at the “City”.  Soon after that, Gordie convinced him to take over the remaining 6 months of the lease remaining on the golf course. Frank was 25 at the time.   When 1965 rolled around, Frank was on his own running Bloomer’s golf course, doing all the tasks required for the operation of the golf course  7 days a week.  Frank started playing in Flight tournaments in the CVGA and eventually played in Open tournaments as well. Bloomer was one of 10 golf courses that were part of the CVGA at that time and Frank went to his first board meeting in 1964.  In 1966, he became the Vice President of the CVGA.   Frank also ran the Junior Division for the CVGA from 1971 until 1986.  In 1977, he took over for Art Tangen as President of the CVGA which lasted until 2011.  He was also Treasurer of the CVGA in 2008, until his retirement in 2016.

In the fall of 1986, Frank, along with Gordon Emerson, created the beautiful Whispering Pines golf course in Cadott, WI. The nine hole golf course opened in the fall of ’87; the second nine holes was added in 1993.   During all of his time being involved with running a golf course as well as designing and actually building Whispering Pines, for 33 years Frank taught Physics and Advanced Chemistry at Colfax High School.  He also was the head basketball coach for 10 years, and was an assistant football coach for 6 years.  Frank’s contributions to the CVGA span 50 years and his contributions are immeasurable.   Frank married his wife Nancy, Oct. 24, 1964 and they have two children, Dick and Michelle. The Kyes also have 5 grandchildren. Frank and Nancy live on one of the fairways of the Veteran's  Memorial Golf Course in Bloomer, WI. Frank continues to work at Whispering Pines Golf Course with his son Dick.

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