Chippewa Valley
Golf Association

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee


Arlo Mattice


matticeArlo Mattice was born in Eau Claire, WI on Dec. 1, 1917.  He was the oldest of the Mattice brothers who included Billy,  Johnny, Gordy, and Eddy.   He had one sister Margaret.  He first started playing golf with his neighborhood friends at Hallie Golf Course  and lived on “Riverside” golf course on the east hill.   Arlo was 40 years old when the CVGA was born in 1958, and by then he had already established himself as one of the area’s top players in the Chippewa Valley.  
Arlo was a Sergeant in the US Army and served in World War II.  During his service he earned 3 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Cluster. 

Arlo was known as a long ball hitter and took great joy in hitting his tee shot and subsequent tee shots into the lake on hole #1 at Hallie. Why you may ask? Because he could. He won many CVGA Tournaments, the ’58 and ’59 Hallie Opens among them.  He played mainly with lifelong friends Bob Yule, Jr. , Dick Green, and brother Gordy.  Arlo was the owner and operator of Mattice Roofing in Eau Claire, a business his father George had started.  Arlo and his wife Elaine had 4 children,  Arlene, Joseph, Peggy, and Susan. 

Sadly, Arlo died Aug. 29th, 1976 at the age of 58.

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