Chippewa Valley
Golf Association

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee


Rick Norman

 Rick Norman was born on Jan. 13th, 1948 in Eau Claire, WI; he attended Eau Claire Memorial where he lettered in both golf and swimming,  graduating in 1966. In high school, Rick teamed with  Dennis Lee, Steve Sorenson, and future CVGA Hallie Open Winner, Steve Alf to lead the Old Abes to the state tournament all three of his high school years.  

Rick’s first CVGA tournament was as a junior player in 1960 where he finished 5th place in the 5th flight.  From those early beginnings he started his golf career in the Chippewa Valley Golf Association. Rick was the CVGA’s  first dominant junior player, winning numerous junior tournaments.   His first victory as an Open Player in the CVGA came in 1968, winning the prestigious Hallie Open in a playoff with Bill Rolland.  A promising  junior player from Madison took fifth that year;  his name was Andy North. 

Rick then served in the US Navy from 1968 to 1971, after which, he resumed his competitive golf career.  Rick played his best when it mattered most, winning “majors” at both  Hillcrest and Hallie twice, and the 1976 Tournament of Champions along with other victories that year. 

Rick totaled 5 majors;  3 coming  in 1976.  His 20 foot birdie putt to beat Joe Springer in a playoff at the Hillcrest Open in 1975 was perhaps the most memorable shot of his career.  His victory at that event was a popular one.

Rick moved to Wausau in 1981 and soon made noise in the local golf scene there, winning the Wausau City Championship the same year.  In 1982, Rick and the family moved to Fort Atkinson where he won the City/County Medal Play Tournament.  Rick had style, poise, flair and he had “the profile”.  He was a popular player among his peers and the golfing public.  An imposing player and clutch putter, Rick credits Reed Mackenzie, Art Tangen, Gordie Longville, Bill Rolland, and Tom Moberg for contributing to his love for the game of golf.  

Rick has been married to his wife Mary since Oct. 1st  1977;  they  have 2 children: Courtney and  Matthew. The Normans also have two grandchildren,  Dane and Daxton.  Rick retired from the Commercial Bank of Whitewater in 2011.  He now enjoys retirement and lives in Whitewater, WI.

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