Mill Run Golf Course

Sunday, May 21, 2017


David Bach of Eau Claire won the 2017 Mill Run by conquering the elements and shooting a blazing 66 on a combination golf course featuring the front nine of Mill Run and the front nine of Wildridge. The back nine of Mill Run was flooded with the excessive rain we had last week.  Kelly Kretz of Eau Claire was second at 70.  Kretz had won the last 2 Mill Run Opens.  Thomas Campbell of Minnetonka, MN finished 3rd , firing a 71.  52 golfers braved the cold, wet, and windy conditions.  The CVGA would like to thank Jim Buyze and the staff at Mill Run for running another first class event.  The next stop on the CVGA Tour is fabulous Troy Burne, June 10.


18 Pts - 66
David Bach

15 Pts - 70
Kelly Kretz

12 Pts - 71
Thomas Campbell

10 Pts - 72
Kelly Berger
Ryan Isaacson
KR Rucker

8 Pts - 73
Mark Barstad
Yarri Bryn
Jake Gaines

7 Pts - 74
David Walter

6 Pts - 75
Darrin Skinner
Chris Vall
Nate Webb

5 Pts - 76
Mark Choinere
Brady Sand

4 Pts - 77
Jan Hook
Jay Halverson
Ben Zieman

3 Pts - 78
Brad Johnson

2 Pts - 79
Nate Buyze
Matt Kamish
Dave Schlageter
Greg Smoczyk
Mitch Simonep

1 Pt - 80
Cole Crawford
Jared Leslie
Ben Nichols
Scott Semingson