New Richmond Open

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Congrats to Jason Zahradka of New Richmond who repeated as Champion of the New Richmond Open with a -2 under par 70.  Tying for 2nd were  Bruce Crotteau, Tayor Kosar, and JB Johnson.  Special thanks goes out to Ross Johnson and the incredible staff at New Richmond who all made it a great start to the CVGA Season.  A total of 98 Golfers participated.  All Amateur winnings are held at the hosting golf course to be spent there and I take the checks for the Pros to the next tournaments. 

Next week, the CVGA will travel to Mill Run on Sunday the 20
th.  Call 715-858-7960 for your tee time 9:00-11:00.


70 - 18 pts
Jason Zahradka

71 - 15 pts
Bruce Crotteau
Taylor Koser
JB Johnson

72 - 12 pts
Jacob Gaines
Kyle Scanlon
Ross Miller
Thomas Campbell

74 - 10 pts
Joel T Johnson
Eric Rolland
Greg Jamieson
Kelly Kretz
Grant Dockendorf

75 - 8 pts
William Leaf
Scott Cole
Ben Nichols
Blake Onkka
Adam Arola
Tanner Sperling

76 - 7 pts
Jeremy Banaszewski
Matt Rachey
Jason Hasselman
Dean Goodwin
Mark Chouniere
Dave Walker
Dave McCook
Greg Restad
Dylan Merchant

77 - 6 pts
Steve Schubert
Dave Schlager
John Hanners
Shane Barnes
Aaron Resnick
Yarri Bryn
Roger Fahrenkrug
Dakota Clark
Mitch Simonet

78 - 5 pts
Tanner Wisemiller
Rolf Engwall
Eric Rislove
Brent Heit
Julian Ramirez
Jon Gleason
Brad Johnson

79 - 4 pts
Leif Carlson
Bob Auman
Paul Suralski

80 - 3 pts
Mark Sperling
Kane Bauer
Dustin Hengy
Jesse Voight
Skip Schultz

81 - 2 pts
Nate Buyze
Ross Mickelson
Eddie Wynne

82 - 1 pt
Dave Staehling
Ron Eskierka
Pat Waterloo
Kieth Piotrowski
Tim Gamboni