2018 Championship Tournament Schedule

Note a few additions to the Championship Rules (marked in red) at the bottom of this page.

Open Chairman - Mark Barstad
Ph: 715-379-3675


Interested in History? -> Spreadsheets for the Entire Schedule for that Year (.xls doc)

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New Richmond Open

Date: Saturday,  May 12
11:00 Tee Time Start

18 Holes - Entry Fee: $55.00 - Phone 246-6724

2018 Champion - Jason Zahradka = 70


Mill Run Open (Eau Claire)

Date:Sunday, May 20
18 Holes - Entry Fee: $50.00
Phone 858-7960
Lower Course
( Entry $23 age 22 and under )

2018 Champion - Ryan Isaacson- 68


No Tournament Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29

Troy Burne (Hudson)

Date: Saturday, June 9
Tee Times from 11 - 2:00
18 Holes - Entry Fee: $71.00 + Cart

Golfers 22 and under, $45.00, no cart required
Phone 887-888-8633

2018 Champion - Thomas Longbella - 69

 Date: Sun., June 17 - Father's Day - No Tournament Scheduled

Wild Ridge (Eau Claire)

This Year play will be from the Gold Tees
Date: Sunday,  June 24
18 Holes - Entry Fee: $55.00 / Cart Required

22 Years Old & Under ->$43.00
Phone 834-1766

2018 Champion  - Jon Yamada - 69


No Tournament 4th of July Weekend

Cadott Open (Whispering Pines)

Date: Sun., July 8
18 Holes  -  Entry Fee: $50.00 - Phone 289-4653

( Entry $23 age 22 and under )
  2018 Champion - Kelly Kretz - 71


Hallie Open  

Date: Sun., July 15
18 Holes  -  Entry Fee: $50.00 - Phone 861-5442

( Entry $23 age 22 and under )

  2018 Champion -  Jake Brookshaw - 68 -



Lake Wissota Open

Date: Sunday,  July 29
18 Holes - Entry Fee: $50.00 - Phone 382-4780

( Entry $23 age 22 and under )

2018 Champion - Thomas Compbell - 64



Clifton Highlands 

Date:  Sunday, Aug. 5
18 Holes - Entry Fee: $55.00 - Phone  800-657-6845

( Entry $28 age 22 and under )

2015 Champion - Tom Campbell - 70
2018 Champion - Tom Campbell - 68



Turtleback Open (Rice Lake)

Date:  Sunday, Aug. 19
18 Holes - Entry Fee: $55.00 - Phone

2018 Champion - Thomas Longbella - 66



CVGA Tournament of Champions Sponsored by:


58th Annual
2018 C.V.G.A Tournament of Champions

Saturday,  Sept. 10

18 Holes at Eau Claire Golf & Country Club

Make you Own Group with Teammates or Friends!

2017 Champion - Thomas Campbell - 67
2018 Champion - Thomas Campbell - 66

Entry Fee: $75.00 ( Includes Cart & Hall of Fame Banquet )
Entry HS - Age 22 : $30.00**
Carts Required except for golfers ages HS - 22

Phone (715) 379-3675

Download the T of C Entry Form HERE

The 2018 CVGA All Divisional Awards Banquet will be held at Wild Ridge Golf Course
on Thursday, Sept. 13; social hour - 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00pm

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees to be honored this year are ->
Greg Dick

Dave Farley
Mark Sperling

T of C participants entry fee includes Banquet
If you do not participate in the T of C, call for reservations -> (715) 861-5442

Trophies/Plaques to be presented at the Banquet:
Hall of Fame recipients
Bill Rolland
Player of the Year
Art Tangen Runner-up Player of the Year,

  and the (New) Amateur of the Year.

You must play a minimum of 2 Tournaments to play in the T of C.
"Player of the Year" is determined by the best 8 finishes.

Hall of Fame Induction Qualifications

*includes Hall of Fame Banquet Buffet Dinner
**Not eligible for prize money


Past Tournament of Champions Results:

19992000  |  2001  |  2002  |  2003  | 2004  | 2005  | 2006  | 2007  | 2008  | 2009  | 2010  | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017

Championship Rules

Championship Tournament Guidelines and Rules

1.     Registration

a.      Courses will accept registrations for the open events 14 days in advance

b.     Tee times will be blocked for each open event (Example..9:00 -11:30 AM) Call the host course for tee times.

c.      Players may request tee times, but they must be within the open tee time block. (Ex… If you want the earliest tee time and somebody already has that particular tee time you will be assigned the next available tee time within the block. Likewise, requesting the latest tee time may not necessarily be the last tee time. It may be earlier or later (if the tee time block is already full) based on tournament participants  and players who have already registered. We will fill the open tee time block times first before expanding beyond the assigned tee time blocks.

d.     Any player may play in a CVGA Championship event.

e.     Host courses will not allow local players (members) to start 20 minutes before the CVGA event and will wait until 20 minutes after the last CVGA tee time to allow local play to continue.

f.       Local players will be notified that a CVGA tournament is in progress and that 3 hour rounds may be delayed.

g.       Non CVGA tournament golfers will not be allowed to play on the course within the CVGA tournament.


2.     Championship Entry Fees

a.      Entry fees for most 18 hole tournaments is $50.00 with the following breakdown: Some courses will require a larger green fee.        Green Fees - $18.00       Prize Money - $27.00     CVGA - $5.00

b.     The entry fee for the season ending Tournament of Champions is $75.00.  If, during the season you competed in divisions other than the Opens, you may play in the Tournament of Champions for the reduced entry fee of $50.00.  Credit cards may be requested for tournament entry fees paid in advance

c.      High School and College golfers 22 years of age or under will not pay the prize money portion of the entry fee.  Total cost  $23.00 ~ Green Fees ($18) + CVGA Fees ($5)


3.     Course conditions

a.      All hazards shall be properly marked (lateral, OB, GUR) on the course

b.     All bunkers shall be properly maintained

c.      All greens shall be mowed prior to the CVGA event

d.     All Open events will be played from the back tees….. unless weather, course conditions and course layout effect playability of the course.


4.     Course Rules

a.      USGA rules shall apply, however, local rules shall prevail and shall  be prominently displayed. Summer rules will be played at all tournaments unless otherwise stated.

b.     The host course will provide a copy of the course rules to each participant.


5.     Scoring

a.      The host course will provide a starter on the first tee box

b.     Each player will be given a scorecard and will trade their scorecard with another playing partner within their group. All scorecards must be signed by the player and the scorekeeper before the scorecards are turned in to the official scorer at the end of the round.

6.      CVGA Scoring and Tournament of Champions Qualifications

a.      Points for each tournament will be awarded as follows: 18-15-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

b.     The Tournament of Champions awards points on the 24 pt basis. The tie breakers will include:

1. Low score at the Tournament of Champions and,

2. Point Totals from the best two 18 hole tournaments during the year.

                     c.      Qualification for the Tournament of Champions will require golfers to compete in at least (2) events during the current year.  The top 80 point earners with 2 events played will receive an invitation.




7.     Pace of Play Guidelines

a.      The pace of play will range from 4 – 4 .5 hours

b.     The expected pace of play for a CVGA open event will be determined by the host course at each event. The pace of play may vary from course to course (weather may effect this during the event) but all players are expected to know what the tournament pace is for that course and to finish their round within the expected pace of play guidelines.

c.       If it has been determined that a player is not maintaining the proper pace of play, he/she may be warned or penalized up to 1-2 strokes at the completion of the round. If a player continues to not follow the pace of play guidelines, he/she may be disqualified from an event.

Note to all players:

Nobody likes to play slow golf…. and nobody admits to playing slow golf. We are all responsible for maintaining a good and proper pace in golf, not only for the enjoyment of our playing partners and ourselves, but also for the remaining golfers who are playing on the course. Ready golf is your responsibility. Use your time properly and efficiently before and as you prepare to hit each shot. Be ready early.

8.     Player of the Year.

a.      The CVGA Player of the year will be determined by the player's total points earned from his completed tournaments and the Tournament of Champions.  

9.     Proper Attire

a.      The CVGA requests all players to wear proper golf attire during tournament play.

b.     Host clubs may enforce their own clothing standards.