Turtleback Open

Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016

Thomas Campbell of Minnetonka, MN shot a 3 under par 68 to capture the 2016 CVGA Turtleback Open in Rice Lake, WI.  Joe Griese of Hudson was runner-up with a 2 under par 69 followed by Bruce Crotteau, Rodney Hamblin, and Jon Gleason at 71.   The CVGA concludes the 2016 golf season with the 56th Annual Tournament of Champions at the Eau Claire Country Club on Sept. 10th. The Entry Form is downloadable on the CVGA.com Website and MUST be in by Sept. 2nd to secure your spot.  

68 - 18 Pts

Thomas Campbell


69 15 Pts

Joe Griese


71 12 Pts

Bruce Crotteau

Rodney Hamblin

Jon Gleason
Matt Kamish


72 10 Pts

Ryan Isaacson

Kyle Scanlon


73 8 Pts

Mark Barstad

Mark Choiniere

Adam Gustafson

Greg Jamieson


74 7 Pts

Aaron Scharf

Jake Rogness

Tony Hierimeier


75 6 Pts

Jared Bollinger


76 5 Pts

Brad Houghton

Jon Higley

Matt Higley

Taylor Koser

Ben Nichols


77 4 Pts

Cory Eakins

Dave Hopkins

David Bach

Drew Mathues

Mitch Simonet

Brad Johnson

Brian Walker

Dave Walker


78 3 Pts

Spencer Golden

Mark Sperling

Scott Seminson

Cole Crawford


79 2 Pts

Jared Leslie

Casey Hauck

Ross Mickelson

Chad Fortney


80 1 Pt

Steve Sevals

Brian Pabst